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"Launch An Online Course That You Can Be PROUD Of"

In this Course, You’ll Find Out How To Launch Your Own Self Hosted Online Course To Sell


You’ve come to this page because you’ve got a great idea to teach someone something...  In fact, you have probably already written it out….

Or you've recorded some may even have an entire series...

Or you have some audios where you've spoken and people really benefited from what you've taught them…

You've basically got things that you want to share with the world and now you're a little stuck…

Why? Is it the technical details?  Do you know exactly where you can start?

The Big Course Platforms are Great But...

There are great platforms out there to sell your course that you already know about such as Udemy, Thinkific and Yecourse

They make it "easy" to upload your content and then get started selling, right?

Because if it's that simple, all you'd have to do is get your files ready and them go to their sites an upload them...

You’re probably wondering, if it's that easy why isn't everyone doing that? Is there something you're missing?

The answer is yes and no. These are great platforms for those that want someone else to host the course, manage the course and deal with the customer when there is a technical glitch. And of course, this is a service that you Have to pay them for.

But you're in business, so paying for the service isn't a problem. The problem is what happens when you want to sell something that the platform thinks is "too controversial"? Also, do these platforms look at the students as your customers or theirs?

What if there was a way to avoid all of those potential pitfalls up front? So that you'd be free to teach whatever you felt was necessary...? And so that you could do what was in the best interest of your business (not the platform).

This means that you'd be in control of what you taught, how you taught and what your students learned.

And most importantly, you'd be in control of how much you made…

We've Answered the Questions You Have About Creating Your Own Course

We taught on this subject (creating a self hosted online course) in front of a live audience for four weeks, we've worked through the most common questions that people have about getting their list building set up. That means that this course has been battle tested with real people

Think of what it would be like to work through a course knowing that real people have already seen and heard it and asked the questions to make your understanding of it that much more simple..


The LIVE Online Course Builder Workshop

4 Sessions to Get Your Online Course Up and Running

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course:

The Online Course Builder Video Course Workshops

Taught In Front of A Live Audience For Four Weeks

  • Session 1 - Staging Content (43 Minutes)
  • Session - 2 - Packaging Content (50 Minutes)
  • Session 3 - Download Pages and Protection (57 Minutes)
  • Session 4 - Affiliate Systems and Shopping Carts (26 Minutes)

 So, Is It a Deal?

How Can I Start Creating An Online Course Right Now?

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  • Session #2: Packaging Content (50 Minutes)
  • Session #3: Download Pages and Protection (57 Minutes)
  • Session #4: Affiliate Systems and Shopping Carts (26 Minutes)

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