Techie Secrets

“Discover The Techie Secrets Of Pro Webmasters So You Can Finally Operate Your Own Business”
Because The #1 Thing Holding You Back Is Your Lack of Tech Skills!


“Fire Your WebMaster & Learn All The Tricks Of The Trade – It’s Easy Once You Know How!!”
Now You Too Can Become The Expert

17 HIGH-QUALITY training videos that walk you through the techie side of managing your own Web Site

Sales Funnel Mastery

Discover Exactly How to Create Your Very Own High Converting Cash Cranking Sales Funnel that you can use to Bank $50 – $100+ per day Like ClockWork…And how you can start using these simple ninja sales funnel tactics for yourself 2 mins from now…

Sales Funnel Mastery Commando

If You Are Still Struggling To Make Money Online When Building Your List Then…
Instantly Discover How To Craft Your Very Own Profit-Pumping Sales Funnel
That You Can Use To Slam $100-$300 Into Your Banks Account Per Day Online
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Offline Bullet Cash

Offline Bullet Cash is an 8 Part video showing the presenter best way to provide services to offline business and customers

Site Flipping Blueprints

Step By Step Video Program Shows You
How To Flip Sites For A Profit No Matter
How Bad The Economy Is!Insider Secrets To Rapidly Create Profitable Websites That Sell Every Time You List Them And Earn You Way Above What
Joe Six Pack Is Earning For His Websites

Local Mobile Explosion

As The Smartphone Begins to Replace the Computer, It’s Increasingly Important For Businesses to Stay Up to Date with Mobile Marketing technologies. This is a step by step video course which takes you by the hand to show you how to use Mobile Marketing technologies, such as QR Codes, to quickly and easily increase your sales…

Create Site Using Infinitely

A Tutorial on Creating a free site using a site building Platform Called

Squidoo Lens Genius

Learn To Build Squidoo Lenses That Get Ranked Fast, Ranked High & That Ultimately Generate TONS Of Free Traffic!Learn why people are flocking to squidoo when it comes to generating traffic the web 2.0 way…

Web Master Videos WP

“Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked..?
Secure your site in 5 minutes or less

Auto Members Machine

“Finally, Discover The Secret Shortcuts To Setting Up A Membership Cash Machine That Sells and Delivers Your Site Content On 100% Autopilot

While Generating The Recurring Income That You So Desire.”

Create Mobile Site Quick

Mobile responsive site are here to stay

Vlog Tutorial

How Would You Like To Learn How You Can Make A Killing Doing What You Do Best On The Internet??

Do you like to talk? Who dosen’t right…..

Spill your thoughts into a video web cam and watch the dollars start rolling in!

Learning Movalbe Type

“How to take the pain out of setting up Movable Type
on your server”
This easy to follow video presentation shows you in minutes what others have taken hours to unearth

Backlink Hurricane

Is Your Website Traffic Dwindling?Revitalize, Re-launch & Recapture Traffic That Has Always Seemed Elusive And Turn That Traffic Into Cold, Hard Cash!

Flood Your Website With Fresh, New Visitors!
ebook cover
Are you ready to turn up the traffic levels on your website?

Mini Site Mastery

Discover The Simple Secrets to Create Your very Own Internet Empire in Minutes, Not Hours.

Flippa Cash

How You Can Generate A Serious Cash Income Almost Instantly, Buying and Selling Websites!learn how you can easily earn $300 to $800 a Day,
When You Use my secrets for flipping websites you didn’t even build!

I Discovered The Secret To Buying Low And Selling High And applied it to flipping websites. it Changed My Income Level Almost Overnight.

Guest Blogging

Tap Into The Power of Guest Blogging Now!
Helpful Tips for Bloggers and Blog Owners Accepting guest posts on your blog or becoming a guest blogging are fantastic ways to get more exposure for your business.


“Knowing cPanel Can Dramatically Boost Your Websites Security, Performance, and Profit Potential.
“Do you know what your missing out on by not using cPanel to it’s full potential?

FileZilla Quick Starter Guide

Filezilla is a popular Free FTP software 

Discover how to use it with this video series

Blogging Tips

Sorry No Sales Page Never underestimate a Series simply because it does not have a sales page

Automated Niche Blog

“Finally, Organically Grow and Run Your Blog on Autopilot…

While Generating a Highly Targeted List…

by Following this Simple Step by Step Blueprint!”

Auto Blogger Blogging

Auto Blogging – the easy way to free content.
Now you can set up an automated blog using Blogger.
find out a little secret i figured out that will let you create an automated blog using blogger. best of all – it is all free!

Easy Flips

Sorry No Sales Page Never underestimate a Series simply because it does not have a sales page

Automated Membership Machine

“Finally, Discover The Secret Shortcuts To Setting Up A Membership Cash Machine That Sells and Delivers Your Site Content On 100% Autopilot – While Generating The Recurring Income That You So Desire.”

Build A Website In 30 Minutes

I’m going to show you how you can create a website without:
-Having to pay for monthly hosting
-Having to buy a domain name
-Any tech skills or experienceAnd then I’m going to show you a FREE traffic method that brings traffic instantly! No need to wait for your site to rank in the
search engines and no need to write any articles!

Local Web Design Hero

Over 50% of Local Ofline Business Still Do Not Have a Website.
orget About Selling Them Mobile Sites,SEO Services and Local Mobile Apps.
Before Te Can Even Look At These Services They First Need a Website.

Using Amazon S3

Never have your site go down again because of too much bandwidth usage.
Amazon S3 gives you a powerful and inexpensive way to store, serve and protect your data.
Learn the basics of amazon S3 in less than an hour with these easy to follow videos.

Ninja Marketing Backlinks

Ever wondered how on earth you’re supposed to get your website to the first page of Google?…
Now’s your chance to…
“Eliminate ALL Doubt From Your Mind As We Reveal Dark Secrets To Getting First Page Rankings On Google In This 50 Min Course!

Article Directory

How to Create You own Article Directory 

Never under estimate the value of a series simply because it does not have a sales page

10k in 30 days

Watch & Learn How a Successful Marketer Went To Earn $10,000 in Less Than 30 Days…!
The Laziest Way to Make a Ton of Money Online Without Being Embarrassed About it.
Make Money With this proven Method to Generate Cash Online….

The Filpping Code

The Missing Link Between You And Online Riches Is One Click Away…

Find Out How I Stumbled Upon A Little-Known Formula To Multiply Your Online Profits Almost Instantly Just By Flipping Virtual Real Estate!

Fast Website Flips

“Finally, Learn How to a Former College Student Flipped His Way Thru College After Facing a Financial Roadblock…
And How You Can Quickly and Easily Flip Websites Too!”
You Get to Learn Directly From a Former College Student That Flipped.This Step by Step 7 Part Video Course Will Show You How You Can Create Fast Websites that You Can Flip, The Right Way. There’s No Theory Here!

Content Profits

“Proven System Finally Shows You How To Profit Automatically From Other People’s Content Over and Over Again.”
You’ll Soon Be Learning A Special Way To Claim Ownership To Your Own Automated Profit Machine …

Auto Blogging Revealed

“Create A Highly Profitable Network Of Websites That Earn Every Day On Autopilot”

Step By Step Guide How To Create A Vast Network Of Cash Sucking Blogs That Earn Every Day With NO Input From You

Blogging Guru Videos

“Learn How To Finally Make Money From Your Blogs And Be A Guru In Any Niche With These Step By Step Videos !”
Now You Can Blog Like The Guru’s With These Simple Step By Step Techniques

Websites With GP Easy CMS

Finally an easy to use content management system has come to the forefront!
traditional CMS platforms (like joomla) are excellent, but very complicated to use at first.
gp Easy puts a stop to that! See how you can easily create stunning websites with this easy to use platform.

Ftp Warm up

“Finally, Discover How You Too Can Quickly and Easily Setup Your Website, Transfer Files, and Maintain Your Website Without The Worries Of Being a Tech Savvy Person…
Starting Today!”Too Many Courses Presume You Already Know (FTP) File Transfer
And Website Maintance Basics. This Is Your Missing Link To Creating and Maintaining Your Website.

Dreamweaver Made Easy

“Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Create Unlimited Mini-Sites With Dreamweaver By Watching Exactly How To Do It With My Most Exclusive Step-By-Step Video Coaching Tutorials”

cPanel Made Easy

“Here’s How You Can Manage & Use Your cPanel® Hosting Account Quickly & Easily With These Step-By-Step Video Tutorials”
“In Just A Few Hours Following My Step-By-Step Online Video Tutorials, I’m Confident You Will Be Able To Work With Your cPanel® Hosting Account & Eventually Get Your Website Set Up Running In The Shortest Possible Time…”

Creating Web Sites From Free Templates

This is a 3 Part Tim Carter Video Series. 

Do Not under estimate the value of this series because it does not have a sales page.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices

If your web site is not optimized for mobile viewing you are losing a huge chunk of potential customers.
More people browse the internet on their smart phones than on their computers.
I will show you how to easily get your site ready.

PHP for Beginners

Are you an Internet marketer, webmaster, or blog writer who wants to learn the basics of PHP?
Are you sick a tired of paying other freelance developers for fixing dead simple edits to your PHP website? Do you wish you could learn some of the basics of PHP so you can have the confidence to make simple adjustments yourself?

Konquer Kompozer

“Create An Outstanding Website Quickly & Easily With Kompozer – GUARANTEED Results or it’s FREE”If you want the perfect way to build websites without slaving to learn complicated programming language you’ll love this package…

KompoZer 4 Newbies

How to Create Your First “Professional Looking” Website in Just a Couple of Hours From Now with this FREE & Easy to Use Software Program
No HTML required
Guaranteed results

Automated Niche Blog

Announcing The Brand New, 6 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You How To..

“Finally, Organically Grow and Run Your Blog on Autopilot…While Generating a Highly Targeted List…by Following this Simple Step by Step Blueprint!”


“Are you sick & tired of figuring out on how to get your content management site installed and running on your own server?””Here’s How You Can Be An Expert In Drupal™ Content Management With These Step-By-Step Video Tutorials… Even If You’re A Beginner”

“In Just A Few Hours Or Days Following These Step-By-Step Online Video Tutorials, I’m Confident You Will Be Able To Set Up Your Content Management Site Without Having To Scratch Your Head Again”

Domain Cash Generator

That’s where this video series comes in. You see, not only are we going to show you how to find profitable domain names, but we are also going to show you how to increase the ‘value’ of these domain names …

so when it comes time time to sell them, you will make a nice profit on your investment.

All you need to do, is follow the simple, legal techniques, set out in this video series.

Clickbank Review Blogging

This system will allow you to make a regular flow of passive income and you will spend less than $10 as I mentioned earlier. Best of all, repeat this system over and over again and you’ll have hundreds of blogs making passive money for you on autopilot.

Parasite Hosting

Taking Advantage of Parasite Hosting will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to easily setup and create your own pages on multiple “parasite hosts” and start dominating the search engines today. It’s really that simple.